Science and Graduation

In order to fulfill the graduation requirements for science, you must complete a total of 2.0 credits from two different foundation areas (the foundation areas include: Biology, Chemistry, Earth Science, Physics, and AP Computer Science) and 1.0 credit from the Foundation Courses OR the Applied or Advanced Courses list.

This is a total of 3.0 science credits required for graduation. 

Below are some examples of course combinations that would fulfill the science graduation requirements (this list contains only a few examples, there are many other possibilities, and some courses may not be available at all schools):

  • Earth Science, Biology, & Chemistry
  • Biology, Chemistry, & Physics
  • Biology, Chemistry, & AP Biology
  • Earth Science, AP Environmental Science, & Physics
  • Chemistry, Physics, & AP Physics

Below are links to graduations requirements from the Utah State Board of Education (USBE). The USBE list does not represent the specific courses available at your particular high school but is a list that provides all the possible options accepted for science graduation credit. Official course offerings vary by high school. 

USBE Graduation Website

USBE Graduation Requirements