Standards Revision

K-5 and 9-12 SCIENCE STANDARDS UPDATE (04/16/2018): 

From Tyson Grover to all Davis School District Science Teachers.

About a week ago the Utah State Board of Education voted and approved to rewrite the science standards for grade K-5 and 9-12.  This vote included using the "K-12 Framework for Science Education" as a guiding document.  The process of getting this approved has taken a long time and due to that it has extended the implementation timeline by a year.  So, it is business as usual next year unless you want to get ahead of the game.  Here is the current timeline. 

2018-2019 School year - Optional professional development year

Spring - Fall of 2018 - Revision of standards and board approval of new standards 

  • You will get to give feedback so look for my emails on this.
  • January 2019 is realistically the earliest the final drafts of the new standards will be accepted by the state board and published. 

Spring - Summer 2019

  • School based personalized training starts for those interested - Secondary contact me, to schedule dates Elementary contact Annette Fonnesbeck, to schedule dates

2019-2020 School Year - Professional Development and Preparation Year

  • Our team wants to get out to every school to train staff or teacher leadership who can then train the staff.  The model is up to your school.  Contact me to schedule dates.  

2020-2021 School Year - Full Implementation of new Earth Science, Biology, Chemistry, and Physics standards

We have tried to be way ahead of the game here in Teaching and Learning in order to support you.  We already have grant funds to support implementation and we have had a teams of teachers meeting to discuss and learn about the changes for months.  There are probably some questions floating around in your head at the moment and here are some answers. 
  • Yes this means that you have two more years of your current standards
  • Yes there will be training to support this transition
  • Yes there  will be curriculum in place and ready a year ahead of time for you to review and prepare with 
  • Yes there will be funding for supplies from the curriculum

Our team is here to support you with this transition over the next two years. More detailed information will be posted here and emailed to district employees as it becomes available. Please contact Tyson Grover with your questions, concerns, or for more details.