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New Science and Engineering (SEEd) Standards


Here are the most current documents containing the Utah Science with Engineering Education Standards.

K-2 Standards PDF

3-5 Standards PDF

6-8 Standards PDF

9-12 Standards PDF

New Standards PD

Do you want to learn more? Become more proficient with the new Science Standards by participating in Professional Development offered for inservice teachers of the Davis School District. 

The following fliers describe courses available through CANVAS. These online courses prepare Elementary Teachers for the new Science Standards. STEM Specialists at each DSD Elementary school can help facilitate the course.

Introduction to New Science Standards Pedagogy

Introduction to 3-Dimensional Learning: Shifts in Science Pedagogy (Available August 1st)  

6th Grade Strand Trainings

Need more information? Contact Annette Nielson at afonnesbeck@dsdmail.net or (801) 402-5129.

The Framework

Follow this link to download a free PDF of the "A Framework for K-12 Science Education."



SEEd to NGSS Crosswalk

Disciplinary Core Ideas of the Framework