Science Screener 2020

Secondary Science Screener

Updated information for the 2019-2020 school year

This year there is NOT going to be a DSD district level Science Screener test. As we transition to the new SEEd standards we will be developing a new set of benchmark tests for use by DSD teachers. 

For this year we have taken the old screener tests and broken them up into smaller tests by standard (old standards).  These will be available for teachers to administer anytime over the year and get quick data back on students. Tests will be available for use via myDSD once the school year starts.

This is going to be a bit confusing since most (if not all) teachers are going to just start using the new SEEd standards and those don't align straight over to these tests.  So teachers can choose to use the Screener or not if it is too confusing. 

What is the Secondary Science Screener?

The Davis School District Secondary Science Screener is an assessment designed for secondary science students and is to be administered in March. These multiple-choice assessments are based on the Utah State Science Core Curriculum and provide teachers with information about whether or not their students are mastering the information taught in their courses. The data produced from these assessments is intended to guide instruction and to provide targeted interventions for students who fail to demonstrate mastery. Participation is optional for schools and no data will be used in any type of teacher evaluation.