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What is the Secondary Science Screener?

The Davis School District Secondary Science Screener is an assessment designed for secondary science students and is to be administered in March. These multiple-choice assessments are based on the Utah State Science Core Curriculum and provide teachers with information about whether or not their students are mastering the information taught in their courses. The data produced from these assessments is intended to guide instruction and to provide targeted interventions for students who fail to demonstrate mastery. Participation is optional for schools and no data will be used in any type of teacher evaluation.

How to administer the Science Screener

Make sure to follow appropriate testing protocol and follow the instructions in the Teacher Administration Manual (TAM). You can download a copy of the TAM here. The test must be activated from inside Encore. Step by step instructions are found on the third page of the TAM.

Student Login Information is on the fourth page of the TAM. 

Please contact Stacy Paskett (spaskett@dsdmail.net or 801-402-5491) if you need assistance.

Availability / Testing Window

The Screener for the 2017-18 school year will be available for teacher and school use February 20th - March 16th, 2018.

You can view student results in Encore after testing is completed. There are instructions for accessing the data is on page 5 of the TAM.