2019-2020 Safety Update

Department Heads:

Please review this small article on flame jetting before school starts and please let your teachers know about this danger.  There have been several bad accidents lately across the country and I want us to be totally aware and safe here. 

Also, the Lab Safety contract (see below) is uploaded for all science classes already and the Lab Safety Test (see below) is ready for you to start at any time for students.


Science Safety

Let's talk science safety. The responsibility of managing safety is in the hands of students and teachers in the room. It is up to the teacher and class to create an environment based on clear procedures and rules that promote proper lab safety. It is best to attack this issue with strong procedures and rules which prevent risky behavior around hazards so it doesn't become an issue in the classroom.

There are two major requirements that teachers and students need to fulfill at the beginning of the year each year. The first is to have all of the students accept the district lab safety contract this is done in their myDSD account. They will see they have a form to sign and they accept it digitally.

DSD Lab Safety Contract

How to access acceptance data

The next step is to have the students take the lab safety test which is also done through their myDSD account. See the test administration manual below (LAB SAFETY TAM) for details. We require students to obtain a minimum of 80% on the test. If they don't, teachers should have students retake the test until they achieve 80%. The lab safety test administration manual says 100% but that is not required until next year.  The test is meant as a teaching tool in the classroom.  Our acceptance of rules and procedures for parents and students is the lab safety contract. 

Safety Exams

Students will take the test via their myDSD accounts. For instructions on how to facilitate this test download the Test Administration Manual [TAM].

Lab Safety TAM

We have linked the test below if you would like to download a copy as well. 

JH Lab Safety Test          (MSWord)
HS Lab Safety Test          (MSWord)

USU Safety Module

The module from USU listed below will help you create a culture focused on lab safety in your room. Please take some time to go through the module.  

USU Science Education Safety Module

This module will walk you through creating a strong lab safety culture and explain some of the major concerns to watch for while in the lab.

The module also serves as the orientation for lab safety in the Davis School District. For more information please review the DSD Safety Policy Manual below.


Other Science Safety Documents and Resources:

Flinn Chemical Storage Classification - Information Sheet

Chemical Storage Checklist

Cautionary Chemicals in Davis School District

Prohibited Chemicals in Davis School District

Science Lab Safety Checklist

Chemical Look Up Tool - Utah Division of Risk Management

Flinn Science Safety Resources

NSTA Position Statements:

Liability of Science Educators for Laboratory Safety

Safety and School Science Instruction