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Do you want to learn more? Become more proficient with the new Science Standards by participating in Professional Development offered for inservice teachers of the Davis School District. 

The following fliers describe courses available through CANVAS. These online courses prepare Elementary Teachers for the new Science Standards. STEM Specialists at each DSD Elementary school can help facilitate the course.

Introduction to New Science Standards Pedagogy

Introduction to 3-Dimensional Learning: Shifts in Science Pedagogy (Available August 1st)  

6th Grade Strand Trainings

Need more information? Contact Annette Nielson at afonnesbeck@dsdmail.net or (801) 402-5129.

Human Sexuality Training

All biology teachers need to have read the following law R277-474-5A.  Once you have looked over the law so you are clear on what NOT to do in the classroom, please send an email to Tyson Grover so we can check you off our list. We need to know all of the BIO teachers have looked at the law and that you know what is expected of you.  If you fall into any of the categories below you need to take the online course linked below. 

  • You are a new hire in Davis School District and you are teaching Biology
  • You have been a teacher in Davis School District but are teaching Biology for the first time
  • You have been teaching Biology but for some reason you have never taken the training
Course Registration

For more information about Human Sexuality training requirements please contact: 

Jodi Kaufman
Phone: (801) 538-7734 | E-mail

Krystol Carfaro
Office Assistant
Phone: (801) 538-7773 | E-mail