Science Honors - Davis School District


The purpose of creating district wide expectations for honors courses in science is to help students and parents be better informed when making scheduling decisions, to create consistency in honors experiences across the district, increase the depth and rigor to which students are exposed in science, and to better prepare students for AP and college experiences.  It is strongly encouraged that students, parents, teachers, counselors, and administrators familiarize themselves with the expectations outlined in the honors science curriculum in order to make the best decisions for the school and student.


Honors courses should be more challenging than standard level courses in order to foster growth for advanced learners.  These courses will have some additional content in their course of study as well as more strenuous cognitive tasks and skills.  Often these tasks will include independent scientific research in order to provide students with an authentic scientific experience.  Inherently honors courses are those with standards written in a progressive nature and build upon prior knowledge and experiences.  Please be judicious and realistic when setting expectations for yourself and your student.

Vertical Alignment

The alignment provided is to help inform teachers about the skills students should master by the end of their honors experience in that grade level.  It is expected that students going into an honors experience have mastered the skills described in previous years.  The vertical alignment was designed to prepare students to be successful in Advanced Placement or collegiate level courses.  Teachers will treat the vertical alignment as performance expectations for students. Watch the video for a look at the alignment document and how to read it when making a decision for your student.

Roles and Responsibilities                          Vertical Alignment Framework