Engineering is Elementary (EiE)

Engineering is Elementary

Sponsored by the Boston Museum of Science, EiE (see is the premier elementary engineering curriculum.  Building on children's natural tendencies to engineer, EiE inspires innovation and produces lifelong STEM learners.  The EiE curriculum is a project--based, student-centered curriculum that will transform student learning.  Students work collaboratively to solve an engineering challenge as they learn to ask questions and pursue their own answers.  Research on the EiE Curriculum shows that students will:

  • learn the Engineering Design Process, a process for critical thinking that can be applied to any curriculum.
  • learn about a variety of engineering fields and gain a realistic view of what it means to be an engineer.
  • learn that technology is much more than cell phones and tablets and understand the relationships between engineering, technology, science, and math.
  • improve understanding of science concepts and processes with hands-on and relevant lessons
  • improve ability to think mathematically with opportunity to apply mathematical knowledge to a relevant problem.
  • gain a global viewpoint of the engineering challenges of the future.

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