What's Happening in MESA Schools


Vision Statement

MESA provides students with the essential skills and resources to achieve success in school, career, life and STEM-related disciplines. MESA welcomes all students and actively recruits ethnic minorities and females as they are often underrepresented in STEM fields such as computer science and engineering.  MESA mobilizes and aligns the resources of diverse educational institutions, industry and other partners to create and implement an integrated program that maximizes impact and outcomes. 

Activities in MESA

Activities in MESA meetings are as varied as the teachers who serve as the advisors.

In Debra Titmus' MESA Club at Clearfield High School, students enjoy a hands-on approach to the study of chemistry and biology.

Shown here is a student viewing biological samples through a microscope connected to an iPad.  This allows for the images to be saved, edited, and shared. 

For an overview of the MESA program, check out this slide show of the 2018-2019 school year.

Microscope Work


  • MESA schools hold two or more MESA "meetings" each month with most of the meetings occurring after school. 
  • Some advisors like a thematic approach such as clean energy or aeronautics; others may break up the year into technologies such as robotics, Arduinos, and biomedical. 
  • Some MESA clubs partner with other clubs or organizations in the school such as TSA (Technology Student Association.)
  • MESA traditions include KRYPTO, building roller coasters and towers out of a wide variety of materials, and even a Barbie Bungee Cord Contest!  
  • MESA clubs often participate in service projects at their schools.  
  • MESA students participate in a wide range of competitions such as the Science Olympiad, Sea Perch, Rube Goldberg, VEX or Mindstorm Robotics, and Physics Day.  
  • The variety of activities helps to show students the variety of careers available to them if they continue on a pathway through math, engineering, and science.  
  • Parents and family members are always welcome!

What's Happening in MESA Schools