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Vision Statement

MESA provides students with the essential skills and resources to achieve success in school, career, life and STEM-related disciplines. MESA welcomes all students and actively recruits ethnic minorities and females as they are often underrepresented in STEM fields such as computer science and engineering.  MESA mobilizes and aligns the resources of diverse educational institutions, industry and other partners to create and implement an integrated program that maximizes impact and outcomes. 


Math, Engineering, and Science Achievement

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The purpose of MESA is to attract and support underrepresented youth, young women, and ethnic minorities on a pathway to college and careers in science, technology, engineering, and math.

MESA supports the national science and mathematics educational agenda by ensuring that MESA students develop a high level of literacy in mathematics, engineering, and science so they can play a leading role within an increasingly technology-based world.

Services and activities for MESA students are targeted for those who need academic support as well as those who currently achieve at high levels and need additional opportunities.  MESA strives to reach the populations that are underrepresented in higher education and professions related to math, engineering, and science: girls and minorities. 

MESA is the pre-college component of the MESA/STEP Consortium, a nonprofit organization comprised of public-school districts, charter schools, higher education institutions, STEM businesses and industries, and community organizations.


MESA Utah Four Pillars

  1. Active Learning – During regular meetings and special events, students participate in challenging and engaging hands-on projects and activities designed to explore the MESA Engineering Design Process.
  1. Exposure to STEM Design competitions, STEM events on university campuses, and connections with industry and career mentors.
  1. Peer Support – Collaboration and leadership are emphasized at all MESA events throughout the K-16 pipeline.
  1. College Readiness – Through activities, resources and events developed in cooperation with our higher education partners.

The MESA Team

Jennifer Dimon

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STEM and MESA Coordinator

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STEM Director

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MESA Administrative Assistant

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