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Davis Collaborative Teams

DCT Focus

Davis Collaborative Teams [DCT] is a program created by subject area, focused on producing gains in student learning and proofing curriculum. Participation by district personnel in these learning communities is optional but highly encouraged, and participation will eventually be expanded state-wide.

Every day you are running an experiment in your classroom with the instruction you provide.  We want to know if changes in our instruction produces learning gains.  This is a very testable question that if analyzed appropriately can lead to a better understanding of our curriculum, teaching strategies, assessment, and most importantly our students.  Sometimes we forget to follow through with the data collection, analysis, and conclusion to actually see if learning took place. This process of scientifically looking at a classroom in order to produce gains in learning is the focus of our STEM DCT groups.


Secondary content level teams will be meeting in person once a month for two hours to share ideas, discuss the new standards implementation, and add rigor and relevance to instruction. The true purpose of these groups above all else is to build relationships between teachers across their grade level. These groups will be facilitated by a grade level or content area facilitator and managed by a district level coordinator. No registration will be required, just show up!


Where We're Going

Our first two years of collaboration were during the 2016-2018 school year. Our groups were small but motivated, meeting in person for two hours each month. Collaboration began with truly understanding the Utah Core Curriculum in our individual science content areas. We then identified what student proficiency looks like (what should students know), how to measure student proficiency (how do we know what they know), and what to do about it (what do we do if they do if they don't get it). Each group was allowed to choose what this process looked like, set their own goals, and choose how to accomplish these goals within the Collaborative team framework.

The 2020-2021 school year marks our fifth year in this undertaking. We hope to build on what we have created, and expand our groups. This year we will invite teachers from around the state, communicating through Facebook. Join us! Research shows that meaningful collaboration among teachers is the best way to improve student learning and test scores.

Team Members Across DSD

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8th grade

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