Curriculum Resources

Curriculum Resources for 2019-2020: 

7th and 8th Grade
9-12th Grade Courses


Textbook Help

Textbook Resources:

Teachers and students can login using the CLEVER app in Office 365 or at the regular site using their district login info. 

All of the new materials are in alignment with NGSS and the new state SEEd standards.


Standards in ENCORE 2019-2020
9-12th Grades

Teachers will see the new SEEd Standards in ENCORE, even though technically they don't need to teach them until Fall 2020. The new standards are in ENCORE now to save everyone time and effort, since all of the assessments that teachers align this year can be rolled over the next year. This means assessments won't need to be re-aligned next year.  Please contact Tyson Grover if you have any questions.