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Science and Engineering Support

Annette Nielson

K-6 Science and Engineering

(801) 402-5129

Annette received a B.S. in Elementary Education and Special Education with an endorsement in math from Utah State University. She also received her STEM endorsement from Weber State University in 2016 with the first Davis cohort. In her current roles within the district, she has lead teams of teachers in unpacking the new 6-8 SEEd Standards for the state, writing SEEd Storyline science curriculum and assessments, developing science Canvas courses, and designing and presenting 3D Science and Strand Training professional developments. She is currently working on her Master’s of Education in Curriculum and Instruction at Weber State University where her research is focused on how to implement differentiated professional development through blended learning.


Tyson Grover

Tyson Grover

7-12 Science and Engineering

(801) 864-8604

As the STEM Section Director for Davis School District, Tyson is committed to promoting science, technology, engineering, and mathematics education in Utah. The STEM team is dedicated to establishing a K-12 STEM framework that includes STEM-focused curriculum, systemic professional learning for teachers and administrators, established outcomes for STEM, and extracurricular connections. He provides support to thousands of teachers throughout the district and works tirelessly to cultivate a culture of innovation.  He received the 2018 Governors Medal for Science and Technology and the Northern Utah Curriculum Consortium 2017 Leadership Award.  To further promote STEM collaboration across the state, he is a founder of the Utah Science Curriculum Consortium, which aims to promote science education collaboration between districts and schools throughout Utah.