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Health & PE Desk Standards (Davis Essential Skills and Knowledge)

Health & PE DESK Standards
Davis Essential Skills & Knowledge

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5th Grade Maturation

Elementary schools schedule annual maturation presentations for 5th grade students. Boys and Girls meet separately for the presentations.  Active (opt in) parent consent is obtained at least two weeks prior to the presentation.

Presentations include scripted curriculum (board approved Oct. 2, 2012) and a video presentation (board approved June 2018).  Presenters are approved by the Curriculum Review Committee.  If a school wishes to include a question and answer period, they should invite a Davis School Disrict school nurse to facilitate the questions.

Girls Maturation Video

Boys Maturation Video

Elementary PE

Decathlon Video
200 Meter Dash
Accuracy Throw
Basketball Dribbling
Cup Stacking
Jump Rope
Standing Long Jump
Push Ups

Dance Videos
Boot Scootin Boogie
Men in Black