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The Program

Utah Students Connect is a consortium of the following school districts: Cache, Davis, Jordan, Murray, Park City, Nebo and Tooele.

Students in grades 9-12 in any of these districts can register to take online courses from UTSC.  We provide quality education with innovative Utah Core curriculum, written and taught by Utah teachers.  Students can enroll each term for original credit or credit recovery with their school counselor.

Program Requirements

To register for Utah Students Connect (UTSC) courses, students must be enrolled in a Davis District School.  (Students in other districts/charters may not dually-enroll in UTSC. Homeschool students and students who attend private schools may be able to register for UTSC courses.)  Please contact us if you have any questions about your student's eligibility to enroll in digital courses with Utah Students Connect.

Other Important Requirements:

  • Courses are taught by term with start and end dates just like in your regular day school.
    UTSC Calendar
  • If a student is taking an online course for the first time, we consider that "Original Credit."  This credit is free during the school year, and costs $45 per quarter credit during the summer term.
    Course Fees
  • If a student is taking an online course for the second time or more (meaning they previously failed the course), we consider that "Credit Recovery".  All credit recovery courses are $45 per quarter credit whether taken during the school year, or during the summer.
  • Students are required to take a proctored exam at the end of each term and in every course.
    Proctored Exam Information
  • Students must be 15 and have a Driver permit before they can register for online Driver Education.  
    Driver Education Information
  • Please visit the resources tab to, view the UTSC calendar, the UTSC Website, or learn about Proctored finals, etc.



How do I Get Started?

UTSC depends highly upon your school counselors.  If you are interested in signing up for any digital courses, please talk to your school counselor and they can register you for courses.


The Digital Learning Team

Sue E. Winkler
UTSC Administrator 
Davis Digital Learning Administrator





Lani Porter
Davis Digital Learning Office Professional