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National Academic League is an inter-school academic competition. Teams of students compete with each other to demonstrate their knowledge of mathematics, science, English, and social studies.  Games consist of four quarters, two of which (first and fourth) are based on questions answered by individual students. In the second quarter, a group of students from each team race against each other to solve a problem or answer a question.  The third quarter assesses the knowledge, logic, and communication skills of students as they make presentations on a topic assigned at the beginning of the game. 

There are approximately 15 different academic leagues across the United States. Davis School District is a single league, divided into a north and south division, and all 16 junior high schools within it field a team.  Teams of students are led by a teacher mentor who supports and coaches them.  The winning team/school from each division play each other in the district championship game, the winner of which moves on to compete against champions from the other leagues in a single elimination series.

The NAL season begins in January and runs through February with the national competition beginning in March. 


Games Schedule

All games begin at 3:15 PM and usually end by 4:30 PM. 


December 11, 2018
Centennial at North Davis

December 12, 2018
Centerville at Legacy

December 13, 2018
Fairfield at South Davis


Game 1: January 8, 2019
Central Davis at Legacy
North Layton at Fairfield
Syracuse at North Davis
Sunset at West Point
Game 2: January 16, 2019

North Layton at Central Davis
West Point at Fairfield
Syracuse at Legacy
Sunset at North Davis

Game 3: January 23, 2019

Central Davis at North Davis
Fairfield at Sunset
Legacy at West Point
North Layton at Syracuse

Game 4: January 29, 2019

Central Davis at Sunset
Fairfield at Syracuse
Legacy at North Layton
North Davis at West Point

Game 5: February 5, 2019

West Point at Central Davis
Fairfield at Legacy
North Davis at North Layton
Sunset at Syracuse

Game 6: February 12, 2019

Syracuse at Central Davis
North Davis at Fairfield
Legacy at Sunset
West Point at North Layton

Game 7: February 20, 2019

Central Davis at Fairfield
Legacy at North Davis
North Layton at Sunset
Syracuse at West Point


Game 1: January 10, 2019*
Centennial (bye)
Centerville at Farmington
Kaysville at Millcreek
Mueller Park at South Davis

Game 2: January 17, 2019
South Davis (bye)
Centennial at Centerville
Farmington at Kaysville
Millcreek at Mueller Park

Game 3: January 24, 2019
Mueller Park (bye)
Farmington at Centennial
Millcreek at Centerville
South Davis at Kaysville

Game 4: January 31, 2019
Kaysville (bye)
South Davis at Centennial
Mueller Park at Centerville
Millcreek at Farmington

Game 5: February 7, 2019
Farmington (bye)
Centennial at Millcreek
Centerville at South Davis
Kaysville at Mueller Park

Game 6: February 14, 2019
Millcreek (bye)
Centennial at Mueller Park
Centerville at Kaysville
South Davis at Farmington

Game 7: February 21, 2019
Centerville (bye)
Centennial at Kaysville
Farmington at Mueller Park
Millcreek at South Davis

*January 10 is an early-release day for junior high schools.  The games on this day will begin at 2:15.


February 26, 2019
Kendell Building
70 East 100 North, Farmington

Team Standings


  Central Davis   2 - 0
  Fairfield   1 - 1
  Legacy  Legacy   1 - 1
  North Davis  North Davis   2 - 0
  North Layton  North Layton   0 - 2
  Sunset  Sunset   0 - 2
  Syracuse  Syracuse   0 - 2
  West Point   2 - 0



  Centennial   1 - 0
  Centerville   0 - 2
  Farmington   2 - 0
  Kaysville   0 - 2
  Millcreek   2 - 0
  Mueller Park   0 - 2
  South Davis   1 - 0



Most questions about National Academic League can be answered from the organization's official website here.  For additional questions, or questions specific to Davis School District's National Academic League participation, contact League Commissioner, Christopher Hall (chall@dsdmail.net) at 801-402-5328.  

League Champions History

2018: Centennial
2017: Central Davis
2016: Millcreek
2015: South Davis

2014: Centennial
2013: Syracuse
2012: West Point
2010: Millcreek
2009: Fairfield
2008: Millcreek
2007: Central Davis
2006: Farmington
2005: Centerville

2004: Fairfield
2003: Fairfield
2002: Sunset
2001: Millcreek
2000: Central Davis
1999: Fairfield
1998: Centerville
1997: Fairfield
1996: North Layton
1995: Fairfield