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Civilization is not inherited; it has to be learned and earned by each generation anew...[and]education is the transmission of civilization.

- Will Durrant

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Secondary Social Studies Curriculum Supervisor

Christopher Hall
Social Studies Supervisor
801.402.5328 (office)
801.336.7711 (mobile) 

Chris is a former Social Studies teacher and received a B.S in geography from Weber State University and then attended Syracuse University for graduate studies. He has wide experience in teacher training, having worked as a consultant for the College Board since 2001.  He was recognized as Secondary Teacher of the Year by Davis School District in 2006 and received the national Distinguished Geography Teacher in Secondary Education by the National Council of Geographic Education in 2007.  His passion is the promotion of effective instruction for all students.



DESK Standards

What are DESK Standards?

The DESK Standards define the content and essential skills for each of the social studies courses.  These documents are based on the Utah State Board of Education's Social Studies Standards and are the focus of instruction and learning in Davis School District classrooms.

Three types of standards

The DESK Content Standards are unique to each course and outline the major topics and concepts to be explored. In most courses, the Content Standards are accompanied by a Topic Checklist that provides direction for the teacher in how to use the the standards.

The DESK Skill Standards, which are the same across all courses, identify and describe basic but essential skills used in the study of social studies course content.

The DESK Civic Preparedness Standards describe how the use of current issues and events in every social studies classroom promote both and awareness of current issues and events, and ability to understand, apply, and discuss them.  They are the same for all courses.

Grade 7: Foundations of Social Studies - Utah Studies

Course Description
Content Standards
Topic Checklist

Grade 8: US History 1

Course Description
Content Standards
Topic Checklist

Grade 9: World Geography

Course Description
Content Standards
Topic Checklist

Grades 7-9: Skill Standards and Civic Engagement Standards