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Fine Arts Desk Standards

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DESK Standards: Music


MUSIC: Explore musical skills and concepts through song/singing, playing simple instruments, using listening/aural skills, and simple notation to learn about melody, harmony, rhythm/meter, form, timbre and expressive qualities. Apply these skills to music activities. 

  1. Create: Students will develop, organize, complete, and refine new musical ideas and work.

  2. Perform: Students will analyze, interpret, select and develop techniques for a musical performance.

  3. Respond: Students will analyze, interpret intent, evaluate, and articulate how music conveys meaning.

  4. Connect: Students will connect musical knowledge from historical, societal and cultural experiences to deepen understanding of their world and community

Upcoming Music Events

5th Grade Utah Symphony - February

Applications to attend the symphony will be sent out the end of August. 

2019 Dates for the 5th Grade Utah Symphony Docent Concert this year are:

  • Tues., Feb. 12, 11:30 am         ACD Track
  • Tuesday, Feb. 19, 11:30 am    ACD Track
  • Monday, Feb. 25, 11:30 am    ABD Track
  • Wednesday, Feb. 27, 11:30     ABD Track

UMEA, February

Utah Music Educator Association

Utah Music Educator's Mid-Winter Conference

February 1-2, 2019

Dixie Conference Center, St. George.

Summer Arts-Integration Conferences

Music Training 2018-19

Elementary Visual Art  

DESK Standards: Art


VISUAL ART: Explore visual art through the simple elements and principles of art such as line, shape, texture, color, balance and value. Apply these skills to art activities. 

  1. Create: Students will develop, organize, complete, and refine original artistic work.

  2. Present: Students will analyze, interpret, and select an artistic work for presentation.

  3. Respond: Students will understand, evaluate, and articulate how works of art convey meaning for the observer as well as the creator.

  4. Connect: Students will connect artistic knowledge from historical, societal and cultural experiences to deepen understanding of their world and community.

Upcoming Art Events

Art Training 2018-19

BTSALP Instructional Coaches

Katie Francis, Visual Art Coach

Katie Francis

Katie Francis is our Visual Art Instructional Coach, and has been working at Davis School District since 2010 in the elementary Art and Music prep teacher program. She has a Bachelors of Fine Art in Ceramic and Sculpture from Utah State University and a Bachelors in Secondary Composite Art Teaching from Weber State University. When Katie isn't planning lessons or working with teachers in her current position she enjoys cooking, reading books, and teaching her kids how to create new art projects at home.

Email: kafrancis@dsdmail.net

Shanda Stenger, Music Coach

Shanda Stenger

Shanda has loved teaching with the Davis School Districts. She has a Bachelor’s Degree in Secondary Music Education with an Elementary Music Endorsement from the University of Utah. She is certified in Level 1 Orff/Schulwerk.  Shanda loves to find unique ways to reach students through music and integration of fine arts, core curriculum, and technology. She loves to laugh, read books, and spend time with her family.

Email:  sstenger@dsdmail.net

Shannon Elmer, Music Coach

Shannon is in the fourth year of working with BTSALP as a music instructional coach. Shannon is a graduate of University of Utah with a Bachelor’s Degree in Secondary Music Education as well as an Elementary Music Teaching Endorsement. She has taught on and off in Davis School District for the past 12 years as both a classified specialist and a certified teacher. Shannon is certified in Level 1 Orff/Schulwerk.

Email: selmer@dsdmail.net


Beverley Taylor Sorenson Arts Learning Program

Thanks to the Utah State Legislature for funding this arts learning initiative. 

BTSALP:  The Beverley Taylor Sorenson Arts Learning Program (BTSALP) provides arts-integrated instruction to elementary students throughout Utah effectively increasing student performance in every subject—from language arts and social studies to math and science.

 In Davis District, we are funded through BTSALP for specific instructional coaches to support our elementary Music and Visual Art Specialists.  Coaches strive to support the prep-time specialists by providing professional learning opportunities, working individually with specialists, encouraging strong pedagogy & classroom management, and modeling good teaching practice.  Their role is one of support, not evaluation.