Learn to dance in the rain.

In education, there are a variety of methods used to instruct and engage students and to strengthen the learning of academic concepts.
One method used in Davis School District is dance integration.  Using movement and dance I teach concepts that are part of the students academic requirements as found in the DESK standards.

Dance Integration

My name I Norma Zaugg and I am the Dance Integration Specialist for Davis School District.  I work with teachers in the district and show them how they can add dance integration into their curriculum.  Each lesson is designed to cover the standards that your students are required to learn and gets students moving. 

I am based at Stewart Elementary, but have a few spots available to come and work with other teachers in the district.   If you are interested in having me come to your school so that you can see how dance integration works send me an e-mail. 

I only have a few spots available so please message me early in the school year to get on my schedule.

Simple Ideas you can use in your classroom to integrate dance

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