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DSD Reading Diagnostic Model

The goal of the DSD Reading Diagnostic Model is to find a student’s highest level of proficiency, thus determining if any learning deficits exist. A student’s greatest learning deficit (area of need) lies right above their maximum level of proficiency. Instructional interventions are targeted to help students learn in this area of greatest need. (See Guiding Document)

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What is an instructional intervention?

An Instructional Intervention is a specific set of steps to help a student improve in an area of significant need. Because students are unique and have different areas of need in a school setting, there are many different types of interventions. The purpose of the intervention is to provide specific instruction, targeting a student’s most foundational learning deficit. The goal is to improve student learning in that area, thus bringing them closer to grade level proficiency. Instructional interventions occur in the Tier 2 and Tier 3 phases of instruction.