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Textbooks available through online website have been posted here. Instructions for student materials may be viewed by all.  Instructions for TEACHER materials may only be viewed by teacher users in Office 365.

Textbook Adoption procedures have been posted for public review.

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Jonathan Hyatt
Specialist - Instructional Materials and Adoptions
Phone: 801.402.5360
email: jhyatt@dsdmail.net

Online Access - Students

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Adoption Procedures

Adoption Procedures

Instructional Materials Database

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The information posted has been collected from lists including iPad or apps, desktop apps, websites, and adopted textbook materials.  To submit changes please contact jhyatt@dsdmail.net

To VIEW more detail, EDIT, or ADD new items to the instructional materials databased, please visit our Instructional Materials Database SharePoint List Site.

Welcome to the DSD Instructional Materials Database. Search through different apps, websites, textbooks, and desktop applications. Submit new items for this list to jhyatt@dsdmail.net

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