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Susan received a B.S. in Elementary Education from Weber State University and M.Ed.in Literacy from the University of Utah. She has served as an Elementary Educator in grades K-4, EYE Mentor Leader, Curriculum Specialist, and most recently as a Teaching and Learning Department Supervisor focused on K-6 English Language Arts(ELA). The State of Utah Legislature and Davis District Hall of Fame honored her work during her time in the classroom. Her current responsibilities include oversight and supervision of ELA Coordinators, standards, curriculum, and professional learning sessions.


Jennifer Hamblin has been employed in Davis District for ten years. After serving as PTA President and a Math Tutor, Jenni was hired as an Elementary Lab Manager. Because of her technology skills, she then was hired by the District Information Technology Services department as a trouble shooter and problem solver in the Call Center. Jenni is trained in both the Microsoft Office Suite and Adobe, as well as being skilled in operating audio-visual equipment and computers. Two years ago, Jenni transferred to the Teaching & Learning Department where she provides technical, professional, and event planning support and expertise to the Humanities Section. Her ability to interface with the public, cultivate relationships, and handle unexpected situations makes her an invaluable member of any team.

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