Title I Preschool

TItle I Pre-School

Title I preschool is a federally funded program provided at no cost to those students who qualify.
           children must be four years old on or before December 31st of the calendar year
           children must live within the service boundaries of a Title I school.

Davis Head Start/Early Head Start and Title I Preschool programs uses Creative Curriculum which promotes developmentally appropriate practices and daily routines and meaningful experiences that respond to children's strengths, interests and needs. There is a strong School Readiness focus and goals are established that will help monitor progress.  Child progress is shared with parents 2 times a year in the following areas:  Social-Emotional, Physical, Language & Literacy, Cognitive and Mathematics. 


                                                                     Title I Preschool Locations

                                 Adelaide Elementary                                                  Antelope Elementary
                                 731 W 3600 S - Bountiful                                            1810 S Main - Clearfield

                                 Doxey Elementary                                                       Holt Elementary
                                 944 N 250 W - Sunset                                                 448 N 1000 W - Clearfield

                                 King Elementary                                                           Layton Elementary
                                 601 E 1000 N - Layton                                                  369 W Gentile St - Layton

                                 Lincoln Elementary                                                       Meadowbrook Elementary
                                 591 W 2000 N - Layton                                                700 N 325 W - Bountiful

                                 South Clearfield Elementary                                      Vae View Elementary
                                 990 E 700 S - Clearfield                                             1750 W 1600 N - Layton

                                 Wasatch Elementary (DCLC)                                      Whitesides Elementary
                                 270 E Center St - Clearfield                                       233 Colonial Ave - Layton