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Head Start

Head Start/Early Head Start Registration will be available on line February 18, 2020

Head Start

Services are offered at no charge for income qualifying families with children three or four years old on or before September 1.

Teachers, Family Service Workers, and other support staff are available to assist families in areas of need.  Child development activities are designed to enhance each child growth and development through hands-on learning.  These activities help to develop critical thinking, problem solving, and social skills.

Davis/Morgan/Summit Head Start uses Creative Curriculum which promotes developmentally appropriate practices and daily routines and meaningful experiences that respond to children's strengths, interests and needs. There is a strong School Readiness focus and goals are established that will help monitor progress.  Child progress is shared with parents three times a year in the following areas:  Social-Emotional, Physical, Language & Literacy, Cognitive and Mathematics. 


Classes are located in elementary schools throughout Davis School District.  There are 3 options for classes:

  • 4 hours/day Monday thru Thursday
  • 6 hours/day Monday thru Friday
  • Two Full Day classes - 8 hours/day Monday thru Friday.  These classes are located at the FEC - Kaysville.

4 hour classrooms:
Adelaide                   Antelope                   Doxey
Holt                           King                           Layton
Lincoln                      Meadowbrook          South Clearfield
Vae View                  Wasatch                    Whitesides

6 hour classrooms:
Crestview                  FEC HS                      FEC North
FEC South                 Fremont                     Hill Field
Odyssey                    West Clinton              Woods Cross