Head Start


MARCH 1, 2021

Head Start


Head Start is a federally funded preschool program that promotes school readiness to children from low-income families by supporting the development of the whole child. Services are offered at no charge.

·         Children must be 3-4 years old on or before September 1st
·         Parent involvement
·         Traditional school year
·         Disability services

 Davis Head Start/Early Head Start and Title I Preschool programs uses Creative Curriculum which promotes developmentally appropriate practices and daily routines and meaningful experiences that respond to children's strengths, interests and needs. There is a strong School Readiness focus and goals are established that will help monitor progress.  Child progress is shared with parents 2 times a year in the following areas:  Social-Emotional, Physical, Language & Literacy, Cognitive and Mathematics. 


                                                                                       Income Guidelines for DSD 2021

Classes are located in elementary schools throughout Davis School District.  There are 3 options for classes:


  • Traditional: Four days a week, 4 hours a day
  • Duration: Five days a week, 6.75 hours a day M-Th, 4.75 Friday
  • Full Day: Five days a week, 6-8 hours a day for parents either working or in school full time

Head Start locations

Adelaide, 731 W 3600 S, Bountiful

Antelope, 1810 S Main St, Clearfield

Bountiful, 1620 S 50 W, Bountiful

Crestview, 185 W Golden Ave, Layton         

Doxey, 944 N 250 W, Sunset

FEC-Kaysville, 320 S 500 E, Kaysville

FEC-Clearfield, 320 E 200 S, Clearfield

Holt, 448 N 1000 W, Clearfield

King, 601 E 1000 N, Layton                                      

Layton , 369 W Gentile St, Layton

Lincoln , 591 W 2000 N, Layton         

Fremont, 2525 N 160 W, Sunset

Hillfield, 389 S 1000 E, Clearfield                                                      

Meadowbrook, 700 N 325 W, Bountiful

Odyssey, 250 S 1955 W, Woods Cross

South Clearfield, 990 E 700 S, Clearfield

Sunset, 2014 N 250 W, Sunset

Vae View, 1750 W 1600 N, Layton

Wasatch, 270 E Center St, Clearfield

West Clinton, 2826 W 1800 N, Clinton

Whitesides, 233 Colonial Ave, Layton

Woods Cross, 785 W 1100 S, Woods Cross