Community Preschool & Special Education

Will my multiple children be enrolled in the same school?

There is no guarantee that both of your children will be enrolled in the same school.

If my child is in Talking Time or Boundary Speech Services, do I need to register for preschool?

Yes, as Talking Time and preschool are separate programs, you need to register your child for preschool if they are attending Talking Time and you want them to join preschool as well.

If my child is on an IEP, do I still need to register for preschool?

No, if your child is on an IEP, you do not need to register for preschool. Your current teacher will assist you in the registration process.

Can my advanced child be placed in a class based on intellectual age rather than chronological age?

Children will be placed according to age, but teachers will provide a rich learning environment and adapt activities to meet individual needs.

If my child turns five before September 1st and I don't want to enroll them in Kindergarten, can I enroll them in preschool?

No, as a district program, we cannot register children eligible for Kindergarten. Parents have the right to choose Kindergarten or private preschool enrollment.

Will special consideration be given to children within a specific school's boundaries or already attending a program at that school?

No, enrollment is not influenced by residence or current program attendance.

Discount & Payment information.

Is there a discount for having multiple children enrolled? no discounts are provided for having more than one child enrolled.

Is there an option for reduced tuition? Yes, please call 801-402-5409 to check if your child qualifies for reduced tuition.

Can I pay tuition in monthly installments?  Yes, monthly payments can be made based on the tuition schedule, available at orientation and on the preschool website. No discounts for pre-payment.

Is there a discount for paying the full year upfront? No discounts are provided for paying the full year upfront.

Do school district employees or their spouses get tuition discounts or location preference?  No, there are no discounts or preferences for school district employees or their spouses.

How and where do I pay tuition?   Set up a MyDSD account through the Davis School District for payment.

If I withdraw my child, will I be reimbursed for future months already paid?  Yes, after informing the teacher and preschool secretary 30 days in advance, you will receive a refund for future months your child will not be attending.

Can I get a refund for the preschool registration fee if I change my mind? No, the preschool registration fee is non-refundable, and a 30-day withdrawal form must be signed.

Tiered Classroom Structure

Tier One: Student requires minimal support, easily works in any setting, attends, follows directions, participates in classroom activities.

Tier Two/Three: Student requires medium support, requires monitoring with variable levels of support in attending, behavior and prompting.

Essential Elements: Student requires maximum sport, requires significant support with attending, behavior and prompting.

Social Behavior: Student requires maximum support, requires significant support with attending, behavior and prompting.