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All GradPoint Sites have been updated to version 2.0.  See the training resources for additional help. Please address questions regarding presentations, training, etc. to Jon Hyatt jhyatt@dsdmail.net


This platform is not intended for original credit in Davis School District secondary schools. 


Davis School District is not attempting or approving NCAA credit using the GradPoint platform. Students who need to make up credit in a method approved by NCAA should refer to Utah Students Connect --- REGISTER with your school counselor

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NOTE about Math Credit Recovery

Credit Recovery and Remediation for Mathematics

There are two online curriculum tools that teachers can use to provide students with opportunities credit recovery and remediation in junior high and high school.  

GradPoint - The online curriculum from Pearson Publishing provides content and the platform to have students learn math skills. The issue that our curriculum content supervisors have identified with this product is that the alignment and organization of that curriculum does not math our own classroom teaching. 

Mathia and Cognitive Tutor - The online components of the Carnegie secondary math curriculum organized and aligned to our own classroom instruction. A teacher can assign students to their online classroom and monitor the students progress in the online instructional activities for each chapter and unit. 

The feature not provided by Mathia and Cognitive tutor is the prescriptive testing to identify gaps in student learning. 

For those students who need to recover material either to make up a single unit, or remediate their math skills, please have them use the software website accessed through Cognitive Tutor and Mathia.

Access to Mathia and Cognitive Tutor

  • Math teachers can create logins for students using their email addresses exported from Encore
  • Use the chapter and unit materials to remediate students' content knowledge from missed/failed terms.

Principals, School Technology Specialists, and Math Teachers:

We express our gratitude for the many people involved in implementing the Mathia and Cognitive Tutor software programs in Mathematics.  We recognize that many hours have been given in support of these beneficial programs.  The success of our students in using the technology available requires the dedication of many different people and resources.  We recognize that some locations are finding success, but others are finding continued issues with the system.

In the efforts to find a uniform solution, we have had many conversations with the technology team in the district and the technical support team at Carnegie Learning.  We feel that the importance and beneficial use of this portion of our Mathematics curriculum helps in differentiating instruction and assists teachers in meeting individual needs of their students.  However, the time and energy being expended in some locations and the ongoing challenges of using the software on school and home computers has reached a significant level.  We are working with District Technology personnel and Carnegie Learning for a solution to the conflicts within the system and are hopeful that a solution is in the near future.  

We sincerely hope that schools who are successfully using the programs in school continue to incorporate the software in their instruction. We are recommending that locations experiencing little success using the software, despite a large amount of time trying to solve the technical issues, apply their judgment in using the software until a solution is found.  We are also recommending that home use of the software be encouraged, but in no way be required as part of a course grade.  

-- Curriculum & Instruction