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Davis School District has established a Credit Evaluation Committee and process.  Students who earn credit outside the DSD system use this process to have their credit evaluated for inclusion on a DSD transcript and Graduation Summary Report.  

Students and their parents should meet with a counselor at the Davis School District high school they are or will be attending to determine what specific courses and credit they need to have evaluated.  The Credit Evaluation Form below should be used to begin the evaluation process.

Credit Evaluation Form

Graduation Requirements

Davis School District Graduation Requirements

The following credits must be earned in grades 9-12

4.0 credits of English Language Arts
3.0 credits of Math
3.0 credits of Science
3.0 credits of Social Studies
(including .5 credit US Government and Citizenship during the junior or senior year.)
1.5 credits of Physical Ed. (including .5 credit Fitness for Life)
1.5 credits of Fine Arts
1.0 credit of Health
0.5 credit of Computer Tech
0.5 credit of Financial Literacy
8.5 credits of Electives (for a 27 Credit Diploma)
5.5 credits of Electives (for a 24 Credit Diploma - note: these students cannot "walk" at graduation ceremony)

Supporting Documents


Credit Evaluation Committee

Committee Members

Christopher Hall, chairperson
Belinda Kuck, Teaching and Learning Director
Casey Layton, Student Services Director
Jay Welk, Career and Technical Education Director
Greg Wuthrich, Principal
Shelly Wright, Assistant Principal
Bradley Goodwin, Counselor
Dusten Mead, Counselor


Frequently Asked Questions


My student takes dance lessons and dances for many hours each week.  Can she earn PE credit for this? Generally speaking, no.  Students who study dance, music, art, or play competitive sports outside of the school do not receive credit for similar courses such as fine arts and physical education.
Can my student demonstrate competency in a course and have the requirement to take it waived.  Yes. In some circumstances a student may complete a demonstrated competency test at the Northern Utah Testing Center and will have the graduation requirement waived.  This will show on the student's Graduation Summary Report but not on the official transcript.
My student completed a DSD graduation required course during the 8th grade in another school district.  Does he still have to take the course in Davis District?  Can it count toward graduation? It depends. Call Christopher Hall at 801-402-5328 to see if you should submit this for credit evaluation.