Why Keyboard in Elementary School?

Keyboarding is an essential computer literacy skill. We cannot create an educational environment that requires keyboarding skills and not TEACH keyboarding to students. Davis School District supports and encourages keyboarding as a key computer technology core subject with formal keyboarding instruction beginning in the 3rd grade.  Our goal is for all Davis School District students to key by touch using correct technique and meet end of level benchmarks when they leave elementary school. 

At the elementary level, keyboarding components are taught as early as kindergarten. These include left/right hand identification, letter and number recognition, home row keys, proper posture and finger movement. In grades 3- 6 students receive instruction in the EduTyping curriculum learning to key by touch. Skills are assessed and progress is tracked toward achieving benchmark scores. Keyboarding Standards and Objectives are followed in each grade level. 

Just as learning to play an instrument takes daily practice, learning to keyboard also requires students to practice daily. EduTyping is a web-based program that students can log into and practice from anywhere they have an Internet connection.