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    Full board
    Members of the Board of Education and district staff appreciate your interest in the board meetings and the business of the school system. Public understanding, participation and communication are vital to a successful educational environment for students in Davis schools. You are encouraged to read the minutes of meetings and anticipate agenda items of the next meeting to assist in your active participation.
    A quorum of four Board members is needed to conduct any official school district business. In addition to the Board, the superintendent and members of his administrative team will be on hand to provide reports and explanations on matters of concern to the Board. At most meetings, a department representative will share information about the function, effectiveness, and future plans of the service. Such issues as goals, evaluation, growth, budget, instructional methods, and programs are addressed. 

    Board Agendas and Minutes

    (October 2005 to Present)
    Minutes are posted to the web only after they are approved at the next board meeting. Accordingly the minutes you find here are 2-4 weeks old.
    (Nov. 19, 2013 to Present)
    Public Comments to the Board



    Regular Board Meetings

    Special Meetings

    Business Items

    Comment Period


    Comment Period

    "Drop Box"

    Public Hearing


    Single comment period scheduled immediately prior to “Business” portion of agenda.

    Prior to adjournment of meeting or workshop.

    Suggestion forms and comment box available at all Board meetings and workshops.

    As required by law.


    1.   Sign name on list prior to the start of the meeting.

    -     If time allows, identify yourself if Presiding Board Member asks for additional speakers.

    2.   When recognized by Presiding Board Member, proceed to podium.

    Fill out form at your convenience.

    1.    Sign name on list prior to the start of the meeting.

    2.    When recognized by Presiding Board Member, proceed to podium.




    Subject Matter Allowed

    Comments concerning items on the Business section of the agenda.

    Comments concerning matters related to the operation of the schools.

    Any topic related to the operation of schools.

    Comments concerning the topic of the hearing.

    Subject Matter Not Allowed

    ·    Comments concerning procurement of contracts, issues related to employment of individual personnel, criticism or defamation of District employees or Board members, or issues for which other avenues for appeal exist.

    ·    Comments regarding individual student education issues such as disciplinary action, special education programming, extra-curricular eligibility and selection, etc.

    ·    Time may not be used by employees or their representatives to circumvent formal communication channels or established grievance or negotiation procedures.

    None. Information will be handled privately.

    Any topic outside the subject of the hearing is not allowed.

    Time Allotted

    3 minutes per speaker,

    15 minutes total.

    3 minutes per speaker,

    15 minutes total.


    To be determined. Individual time allotment will be announced at the beginning of the hearing.

    Question and Answer Dialog Permitted

    Yes. Board and Superintendent may ask questions of any speaker addressing the Board.

    Yes. Board and Superintendent may ask questions of any speaker addressing the Board.

    Board is unable, by law, to deliberate or take action on items discussed at this time.

    Include contact info on comment form if you'd like a response from the Board.



    Speakers are asked to provide a written outline for detailed or complex comments.



    How you can be involved

    Citizen participation is one key to successful school programs. Community members serve on district advisory councils in areas such as vocational education, community school services, and special education; advisory committees for school finance, safe schools, transportation; and PTA study committees for annual reviews of curriculum areas and many others. If you're interested please view the Committees Involving Parents list.

    The community is an important resource. If you would like to be involved at your school, call or stop by and find out what you can do to help. Volunteers are valuable in schools in tutoring students, serving on PTA boards or community councils, assisting teachers, supervising activities, etc. Call your neighborhood school to volunteer.

    How you can be informed

    Copies of "Board Briefs", a summary of actions taken by the Board, are published on the district website. You can access it by clicking here and click on the date of the Board Briefs you would like to review under "publications."

    Copies of policies established by the Board are available through school principals or at the District Office Building through the policy director. Policies may also be accessed through the Internet, District policy page or by clicking here.

    Addressing your concerns

    Citizens with questions about the operation of schools are encouraged to first contact the teacher or staff member closest to the situation. The next step is to contact the school principal. Then, if necessary, concerns may be brought to the attention of a District School Director.
    Press Coverage

    News media representatives are invited to each meeting. Meetings are frequently covered by the Deseret News, Standard Examiner, Salt Lake Tribune, Davis County Clipper, and in some cases, television and radio news.


    Copies of the agenda are available on the Public Meeting Notice website, in the District Office foyer, at each board meeting, or simply by clicking on the Board Agendas and Minutes link near the top of this page. The agenda contains business to be considered at each meeting. Board members receive the agenda and supporting documents before each meeting so they may be prepared to make decisions.

    Some matters come before the Board on a Consent Agenda, requiring a majority Board approval. More complex matters are presented initially on a First Reading Agenda, giving time for public input before an Action Agenda vote. Other matters are presented on an Information Agenda.

    The Board cannot make decisions on important questions without complete information and resists considering other matters.

    Board Meetings

    The Board meets regularly on the third Tuesday of each month at 5:30 p.m. and in a workshop meeting on the first Tuesday of each month at 4 p.m. Times and dates are subject to change. Agendas are posted at the entrance to the District Office Building, 45 E. State St., Farmington.

Last Modified on February 8, 2017
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