• I am eager to welcome you and your child into First Grade. It is an exciting time for 1st graders as they learn about themselves, their community, their world, and how to READ!!! Here is some important information to help you be involved in your child’s school year.
    I Love to READ
    Reading/Language Arts
    The students will be using the Houghton Mifflin Reading Program this year. It is filled with phonics, sight skills, original rich texts, and much more. The program is divided into ten themes, each lasting approximately three weeks.
    Accelerated Reader (A.R.): A.R. for First graders does not begin until 2nd semester (Feb). For the first semester, First grade students qualify for the A.R. activities by reading for a certain number of minutes at home and at school. (120 mins. per week)
    a-dancingpencil Handwriting
    We will be using the Zaner Bloser method (monkey tails are not used). It is important to follow the correct stroke method. We will practice at school each letter. Please keep reviewing daily.

    a-mouse Spelling/Word wall words
    Throughout the year students will be writing with inventive spelling. This is when the child writes the word by sounding out; this is part of the developmental process of a First grader. Formal spelling lists will be sent home after the first two weeks of school.

    100 Fry Words/Word wall words- This is a list of 100 words all First graders need to master by the end of first grade and makes up over half of their First grade vocabulary. We take five of these words each week and learn to say and spell them ("master"). This will help immensely with their reading and writing.
    a-math Math
    New district Math program developed by our own district. It has a hands on approach in teaching the skills. Addition, subtraction, time, money, place value, estimation, fractions, measurement and much more are introduced and expanded on throughout the year.
    I also will use other ideas from National conferences I have attended.
    a-earth Social Studies/Science/Health
    Core Content--These subjects will be taught in units. A booklet is made for each unit taught. When we have finished the unit, I will correct and send the booklet home with a grade inside.
    applepencil Homework
    Homework will be sent home every Thursday and should be returned to school every Thursday. Practice reading the Review sheet daily. Mark the sheet. Also Practice your word wall words and spelling words daily. Mark the sheet. It is also part of the First grade curriculum that students read at home for 10 to 15 minutes each day. Record these reading minutes on the back of the homework folder.
    books Book Orders
    They will be sent home at the beginning of each month. This is a very inexpensive way to provide reading materials for your child at home and a great way to increase your home library. Please send a check or a money order with your order. No cash please.
    shout Suprise Bucket-- Show and Tell
    Throughout the year your child will bring home the "Surprise Bucket". The child will put a surprise item in the bucket that he or she would like to share with the class. Please help your child write 3 clues that will help the other children guess what surprise is inside. If your child brings home the bucket, please return it the next day. We may get to do this 3-4 times during the year.
    b-day bear Birthdays
    Each child will be recognized for his/her birthday. Summer birthdays will be celebrated as close to their birthday as possible. We LOVE treats, but they are not required. Feel free to come and eat lunch (11:20) with your child on his/her birthday. No invitations passed out at school please.
    Oct Calendar
    Each month a class calendar and newsletter will be sent home for upcoming events and news. Please review this with your child. It helps everyone know what is going on.
    welcomesissorsglue Supplies
    Please bring a few of the following items the first week of school:

    • pencil box • box of Kleenex • package of glue sticks

    All students should have a backpack to take papers to and from school

    The following items can be donated throughout the year:

    • container of baby wipes
    • another package of glue sticks
    • instant hand sanitizer (the kind you don’t wash off)
    * soft soap for washing hands
    • plastic baggies, pint,snack,or gallon that zip close

    a-mousereading Classroom Management
    1. Be Safe
    2. Be Responsible
    3. Be Respectful
    4. Be Kind

    Classroom Rules
    1. Follow directions the first time given
    2. Keep hands, feet, and objects to yourself
    3. Raise your hand and wait for permission to speak
    4. Listen when others are speaking
    5. Clean up after yourself

    Positive Consequences:
    (in no particular order)
    Note home
    Phone Call
    Good Ticket (individual reward)--- When the student has five Good Tickets he/she may exchange them for a prize from the treasure chest (half way through the year I change to pennies)

    Marble Jar (whole class reward)- When the jar is full of marbles we use the spinner to receive one of the six rewards:
    Chat Time
    Mystery Motivator
    Free Time
    Extra Recess
    Theme Day
    Class Game
    Extra Computer Time
    Pizza in the room for lunch

    On Friday one student from the class will be hightlight-he/she will be given an award.

    PeaceBuilder Ticket- Given to outstanding behavior, ticket goes into school-wide drawing for a valued prize


    1. Warning
    2. Miss 1/2 of recess (one minute conference)
    3. Loss of a ticket (above too)
    4. Loss of specialists (15 mins.) (above too)
    5. Oops ticket (level 1--Level 2 warning tickets)
    6. Conference with parents and student