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    Mission Statement:

    Through the power of play and parent coaching, we help families and children develop resiliency and problem solving for a bright future. 


    Belief Statements

    • Early Intervention services are best provided in a family-centered program where parents and professionals work as partners.
    • All children deserve the opportunity to grow in a nurturing environment that encourages optimal development.
    • Families are the experts on their child.
    • Families can develop the skills needed to promote the development of their child.
    • Families can develop skills to become lifetime advocates for their child.

    What is Early Intervention?

    Baby  The purpose of the Early Intervention program is to provide help early on for  babies and toddlers who exhibit significant developmental delays.

     Davis Early Intervention is a family centered teaching program where staff and  families of eligible children, birth to 36 months, work together to help children  grow and develop. Motor and speech specialists, developmental specialists,  nurses and social workers provide Early Intervention services at family homes,  childcare centers or hospitals. 

    Is there a charge for Early Intervention services?

    There is no fee for evaluation. If a child qualifies for Early Intervention services, there is no fee for ongoing assessments or service coordination. As required by the Utah State Legislature, a monthly fee is charged for direct services. The amount of these fees are determined by a sliding scale (Spanish slide scale).

    The Davis Early Intervention Program is part of the Early Childhood - Birth-5 (Preschool) in the Davis School District. Our Administrative office is located at the Early Learning Center in Farmington - 115 South 200 East - PO Box 588 - Farmington UT 84025 - (801)402-5408.

    How do I contact Davis Early Intervention?

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    Call 801 402-5408 to make a referral. Once a referral is made, a member from an Intake team will call to schedule an appointment for an evaluation. If a child qualifies, an Individual Family Service Plan (IFSP) is written and services can begin.

     For additional information and resources regarding the development of your child, click on "Other Resources".  You can also look us up on facebook.

    Early Learning Center - 115 South 200 East - PO Box 588 - Farmington - Utah 84025
    (801) 402 5408
Last Modified on June 1, 2017