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Whitesides Elementary

LEARNING FIRST ! Whitesides Wolverines

School Emergency Info

  • Emergency Community Council Meeting

    January 14, 2016, 3:40 pm

    Attending: Diane Hammer, Jody Knecht, Brooke Pendleton, Hilary Hales, Ellen Cox, Shellie Ashby (PTA)

    • In the aftermath of the auto-pedestrian accident occurring on Monday, Jan. 11, where Layton High Student, Bailee DiBernardo was killed, concerns have been expressed to the Superintendent, Dr. Bryan Bowles, who asked me to address this issue with the community. Parents on Mrs. Hammer’s Remind List were also invited to attend. 4 other parents came to the meeting.
    • Community Council members and visitors suggested the following preventative measure which could be taken to avoid any future incidents. Mrs. Hammer, Mrs. Ashby, and other members of the community council will plan to attend the next city council meeting on Jan. 21. Mrs. Ashby will contact her council member to see if this is on the agenda.

    Layton City:

    We asked for recommendations for the city to consider. One of the dads living in the neighborhood, whose child walks to the Jr. High, works for a company who supplies safety equipment. He suggested the city consider the following:

    • Reflective flags at intersections ($6 each)
    • Cones ($25)
    • Ped-in-a-bag ($260) 20# base upright stand with a sign to be carried in and out of the intersection each day - perhaps firemen could do that.
    • 30”x30” flashing LED sign ($500)
    • A better street light (so dim, it is virtually useless right now)

    Whitesides Elementary

    We know that we can’t provide any hardware or physical properties to help with the safety of the children, but we can provide preventative safety education to help students be more aware of their responsibility to be alert to dangers. As a school, we will provide the following through a safety fair and direct instruction by teachers and by assemblies. United Parcel Service drivers will come and help with the safety fair, and we will work with our SRO to help provide resources to teachers, students and parents.

    Educating Students and Parents

    • Cross-walk safety education
    • Road safety education
    • Bicycle Safety education
    • Updating the SNAP plan and posting it prominently on the webpage
    • Contacting parents of children living west of Fort Lane to see how we can aid their students in getting to school safely.
    • Work with Central Davis Jr. High, Layton High, and Crestview Elementary to develop a safety plan for our students.


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Latest News

  • School Traffic Safety Procedures

    When picking up or dropping off your child:

    • Use the RIGHT LANE ONLY. Drive forward as far as possible in the right lane.
    • Park your car and walk up to meet your child if there is no room to wait in the RIGHT LANE.
    • DO NOT park on the left side (drive through only).
    • Stay 20 feet from the crosswalk.
    • Do not leave your car when you are in the right lane.
    • Do not idle your car – keep the air clean for our kids.
    • Yield to any pedestrians in the crosswalk or in the parking lot.


    Crosswalks on the street:

    • Yield to any pedestrian in the crosswalk.
    • Do not park within 20 feet of any crosswalk.
    • No parking on any red curb.  
    • Do not park in the bus zone.          
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  • Safe Neighborhood Access Plan

    In light of the recent fatal auto/pedestrian accident, we have updated our SNAP plan to highlight the dangers of the intersection at Fort Lane and Lindsay Street. 

    Whitesides Elementary is located at 233 Colonial Ave., Layton, Utah 84041.

    Cross walk duty and cross walk is located at Colonial and Gentile Monday through Thursday from 8:20 to 8:50 before school and from 3:25 to 3:55 after school.

    Cross walk duties and cross walk at Colonial and Gentile on Fridays from 8:20 to 8:50 before school and from 1:25 to 1:45 after school. 

    There are drop off areas on the south and east sides of the school.

    - Students living south of Gentile: Student should go to the cross walk with a cross walk duty located on Colonial and Gentile.

    - Students living east of Fairfield: Students should go to the cross walk located on the corner of Fairfield and Gentile. There is a light on this corner, so kids need to pay attention to the “walk” and “do-not-walk” sign that will tell them when it is and is not okay to cross the road.

    -Students living west of Fort Lane: Crosswalk at Fort Lane and Lindsay Street – crosswalk is provided, but no lights or crossing guard is present. Students must use extreme caution when crossing the street.

    - Students living north of the school should walk on sidewalks provided by Layton City.

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  • Community Council,

    Next meeting is April 14 @ 3:45 pm in the library.

    On the Agenda:

    Review of DIBELS data and 2015-16 School Improvement Plan

    Budget Recommendations

    Internet Safety - What we do to keep students safe


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  • Microsoft Office Student Advantage Plan
    Microsoft Office Pro Plus 2013 Microsoft is now offering a free Microsoft Office subscription to our students as part of their District Office 365 account. This subscription allows students to install a full version of the Microsoft Office 2013 software at home on up to 5 devices. Software versions include Office 2013 for PC, Office 2011 for Mac, and Office Mobile for iPhone or Android.

    Information and instructions for installing Office 2013 are available here.

    For more information, you can check the Microsoft In Education blog, which has answers to FAQs about the Microsoft Student Advantage/Office 365 ProPlus program.

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  • Elementary Attendance
    (Click on the link above for more information on Elementary Attendance) 
    Elem Attendance  
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    Available Resources

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Bond 2015 Projects

  • Bond Website

     Click on the logo to access information about the projects being funded by the voter-approved 2015 Bond.

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Emergency Info

  • The Davis School District will keep parents up to date on school emergencies and school closures due to weather. Information will be posted here as needed.

    Parents also may get the most up-to-date information from the district's Twitter and Facebook accounts.

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