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665 S 2000 West
Syracuse, UT 84075
Phone: 801-402-7900
Fax: 801-402-7901

2013-14 Registration Information
All registration must be done online
A computer lab at Syracuse High will be available for those without internet access on the following dates:
   August 13th  8:00 a.m. - 11:00 a.m.
   August 14th  1:00 p.m. - 3:00 p.m.
   August 15th  5:00 p.m. - 7:00 p.m.
**Paper registration packets are not available
Required Other Optional
McKinney-Vento Eligibility Questionaire - print, fill out, & return
English - Español           
Fee Waiver Application Parking Permit - print, fill out, & return
Notice to Parents on Race & Ethnicity Nutrition Services Do Not Photograph, Interview, or Video Form - print, fill out, & return
my.DSD Student Demographic Update - print, fill out, sign, & return
Schedule Changes Lockers - Only upon request ($2.50 fee)
my.DSD Online Policy Acceptances
Yearbook Photo Information
** Pictures taken in English classes Aug 29 & 30, 2013
Yearbook Information
my.DSD Online Credit Card or Check Payments
**Registration fees appear under the "Fee/Fines Owed" tab not the"Registration Fees" tab!

Student accident and health insurance information
Application English - Español
Yearbook Name Plate Flyer & Form - print, fill out, & return
Students new to the SHS boundaries registration informationOnline Learning OptionsConcurrent Enrollment
Forms to return UHSAA Student Eligibility
Other Resources
  • McKinney Vento questionaire
  • Demographic (signed)
  • Fee Waiver (if applicable)
  • Parking permit (optional)
  • Do not photo, interview, video (optional)
  • Yearbook nameplate order (optional)
Calendar & Volunteer Form
Joni Phillips - President
(801) 776-5845           
Transcript Request (not necessary for registration) - print, fill out, & return
Mail in or drop off all completed forms by August 16, 2013 to:
   Syracuse High School
   665 South 2000 West
   Syracuse, Utah 84075
Help & other resources
Student Demographic update leaf
  • Log into the my.dsd system - look for the green leaf (create a guardian account if first time user)
  • Click "Reports"
  • Select "Student Demographic Form"
  • Print the form
  • Fill out completely
  • Return to Syracuse High School


Online Policy Acceptances form

  • Log into the my.dsd system - look for the green leaf (create a guardian account if first time user)
  • Click the "Home" tab
  • Click the "Digitally Signed Documents" folder
  • Select files in the file selction drop down list
  • Click accept for each document


Online Credit Card or Check Payments

  • Log into the my.dsd system - look for the green leaf (create a guardian account if first time user)
  • Click the "Student Information System" Tab (if not already selected)
  • Select the student name
  • Click "Make Payment"
  • Follow instructions on page
  • Registration fees appear under the "Fees/Fines Owed" tab not the "Registration Fees" tab
  • Select various tabs to pay for each fee


UHSAA Other Resources forStaff and Students:

· The NFHS has developed a free 20minute online course, “NCAA Eligibility Center Coaching Education” at

· The NFHS has also developed fouracademic prep courses for students at World Book Learning Pro Courses include: Homework Helper, Reading& Learning Strategies, Research Skills and Testing tips. All fourcourses can be purchased for a total of $75.

· ACT/SAT prep materials for studentsfor a small fee through the NFHS partnership with eKnowledge. Click for info: