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Davis High School Community School
325 South Main Street, Kaysville, Ut
Director: Kelly Oram, Phone: 801-402-8800
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Registration and payment for classes will be held on Wednesday, Sept. 10 and Thursday, Sept. 11, from 6-8 PM in the front office at Davis High School. Make checks payable to Davis High School. For further information on any of the classes below, you should contact the instructor directly. If you are unable to reach them, then contact the director, Mr. Kelly Oram, at 801-402-8875, or at Also, if you are interested in teaching a class contact Mr. Oram.



Pando Rm 1806 W
9/17 6 Weeks 6:30-8:30 PM $60
(plus materials for projects)
Required to bring your own sewing machine Did you miss out on learning to sew as a kid? Have you found great sewing ideas on “Pinterest” and don’t know how to begin? This class will cover basic sewing skills which are: understanding sewing terms and fabric, proper use of equipment, how to read a guide sheet and much, much more! It is designed to help you build confidence in your sewing ability by making simple projects like: pillows, pillowcases, pajama pants, and an apron. The last two classes are saved for work on projects of your own choice. Learn how to use your own sewing machine by bringing it to class. Class size will be kept small so contact Sally now to pre-register and receive the supply list at Supplies need to be brought on the first day of class. See Davis High information above for registration details.
Pando Rm 1806 TH
9/17 6 Weeks 7-9 PM $60
(plus materials for projects)
Required to bring your own sewing machine This class is beyond the basics. It is designed for the person who feels comfortable using their sewing machine and enjoys sewing simple projects. Sewing skills such as pockets, zippers, piping, hems and ruffles will be learned by completing the following projects such as a baby receiving blanket, a tote bag, a simple skirt and embellished pillows. Reading a pattern and fitting basics will also be covered. The last two classes will be dedicated to your own projects. Class size will be kept small so contact Sally now to pre-register and receive the supply list at sally.pando@gmail. com. Supplies need to be brought on the first day class. See Davis High information above for registration details.
Pack Rm 1802 W
9/17 6 Weeks 7-8:30 PM $60
This is a great class for those who want to learn the principles of good photography and master their digital camera. We will start with the very basics of aperture, shutter and ISO and how these things are used together to help create amazing pictures. We will also cover composition, depth of field, natural light, and different types of photography — portraiture, action, etc. You will become comfortable in navigating your camera settings and knowing how to get to the proper settings for just about any situation. We will also cover lens choices and digital workflow. Berkley Pack works at Pictureline in Salt Lake and is a camera geek. Email him for further questions at See Davis High information above for registration details.
Prueitt T
9/16 8 Weeks 8:10-9:30 PM $60
North Davis Jr. High/Clearfield Aquatics Center Tactical Martial Arts is a self-defense system that has been taught to Law Enforcement and Military personnel for over 20 years. Learn how to defend yourself, family, or friends from dangerous situations.  This is a simple system that can be used to defend yourself from armed or unarmed conflicts. Learn take-downs, joint locks, control points, knife defense, hand gun defense, stick defense, ground fighting, knife fighting, weapons retention, and disarmament.  This system has been proven in various unsavory places of the world, has been seen on Spikes Deadliest Warriors, produced national champions, and saved several servicemen’s lives. We hope that no one will ever have to use what they learn in class, but it is better to have the skill and not need it, than to need it and not have it. Classes held at the Davis North Junior High / Clearfield Aquatic Center, on the second floor in the martial arts room. Call Stan Prueitt at 801-821-1871 for more details. See Davis High information above for registration details.

Dr. Wayne Johnson, D.C., C.C.E.P. Four sessions at $15 per session, $45 for all.
7-9 PM. Each workshop stands alone.
However, if all the classes are taken in a series, more information is gained. For more information, contact Dr. Johnson at 801-444-1002.
Dr. Johnson Rm 1311 TH
9/18 1 Evening 6:30-8:30 PM $15
Five steps to gaining control of your weight. Find out how insulin plays a factor in your health. Also find out what other hormones effect weight and how to control
them. Proven results. New information added. Why diets don’t work. What certain foods do to us once in our bodies. Why eating fat doesn’t make you fat. What
hormone is out of control in your body? How to reduce you chance of breast cancer by 70%. How to regain your energy and vitality. How to eat better to support
weight loss.
Dr. Johnson Rm 1311 TH
9/25 1 Evening 6:30-8:30 PM $15
This workshop gives participants not only a complete understanding of the cause of symptoms that occur during PMS andmenopause, but also their solutions via
diet, vitamins, exercise, and stress reduction.  This is a workshop every female needs to attend. New information added. If you are experiencing these symptoms, you are a candidate for this workshop: Fatigue, hot flashes, mood swings, increase in irritability, unexplained sadness and diminished sexual desire. These conditions may be related to hormonal levels and/or function. This workshop will provide information concerning real answers to these problems and review a multitude of natural non-drug solutions.
Dr. Johnson Rm 1311 TH
10/2 1 Evening 6:30-8:30 PM $15
Are you ready for the truth about supplements in today’s world? Which supplements help the body and which supplements harm the body? How do I know
what supplements are good? Are vitamins causing you more harm than good? How many minerals should I have in a day, which form of calcium is the best? Which
combination of vitamins and minerals give me the best performance? What vitamin does cancer crave? Through this class you will learn the best approach to your nutritional supplement needs.
Dr. Johnson Rm 1311 TH
10/9 1 Evening 6:30-8:30 PM $15
This workshop provides you with facts concerning digestive-related conditions and the natural treatment options available to help you make an informed decision
regarding steps you can take to restore healthy digestive function. Do you suffer with heartburn, reflux, or irritable bowel syndrome? Given up foods? Elevated
your bed? Taken tons of antacids? Still suffering? This workshop will review the digestive system and its functions. Learn the potential causes of digestive system
dysfunction and review natural solutions to a not so natural problem.
Fulmer Dance Studio M
9/15 8 Weeks 7-8 PM $60
Learn beautiful, ancient Chinese energy cultivation practices. These exercises and movements improve health, bringing physical comfort and mental clarity. They
strengthen energy, improve flexibility and provide practice abiding in the present moment. The teacher, Marie Fulmer is a student with Owen and Beth Smoot of
Bountiful, and Master Lu of Salt Lake City. We will learn Chi Qong exercises and a Form (a dance of continuous Chi Qong movements). Join Marie and friends, old
and new, to create a beautiful, flowing exercise routine that will enhance your well-being. If you have questions or want to pre-register, call Marie at 801-682-8745
or email her at See Davis High information above for registration details.
TBA Rm 1304 W
10/8 1 Evening 6:30-8:45 PM $15
per person, $20 per couple (+$5 material fee)
Changes, changes, changes! If you’re like everyone else, the mortgage industry has you baffled. It’s not too late to gain clarity and put all of the industry changes into
perspective. Come and learn the proper steps to assist you through any residential purchase, as well as how to find the right property to maximize your returns. For
information contact Linny at 801-298-5887. See Davis High information above for registration details.

TBA Rm 2308 TH
9/24 1 Evening 6-8 PM $15
per person, $20 per couple (+$5 material fee)
Do you have questions about how a reverse mortgage would work for you? Did you know that with a reverse mortgage you still own your home? Are you wanting
to retire but cannot rely solely on social security? Come learn how your home’s equity can let you have the freedom you desire during retirement and get honest
answers to questions about whether a reverse mortgage is right for you. For more information call Linny at 801-298-5887. See Davis High information above
for registration details.
Sorenson Wood Shop TH
9/25 8 Weeks 7 PM $105
(includes $25 fee for use of machinery)
This course is an Advanced Woods course offered to those who have already taken the beginning woods class. Approval of the instructor is necessary. Call Bry Sorenson at 801-402-8840 for more information or to pre-register. Actual registration will take place the first night of the class, and you must have a check or cash for
the exact amount of $105. No admittance without full payment the first night of the class. See Davis High information above for registration details.
Smith Rm 2313 T
9/16 8 Weeks 6:30-8:30 PM
$100 per couple
(9th week added for step-parenting)
With PREP’s “Within Our Reach” class you will: Learn to replace communication danger signs with proactive strategies for respectful talking and listening. Learn the importance of having fun together, and how to do that. Practice managing stress. Learn skills to recognize and communicate issues. Learn how to plan for the future. Investigate the impact that past experiences can have on a couple’s future. Class taught by an authorized PREP instructor.  Call Rose Smith at 801-628-9919 for more information. See Davis High information above for registration details.
Smith Rm 1310 TH
9/18 8 Weeks 6:30-8:30 PM $60
SINGLES! Know yourself first, be smart in love, and make your own decisions. With PREP’s “Within My Reach” class you will be empowered to: Replace communication danger signs with proactive strategies for respectful talking and listening. Examine the warning signs of dangerous patterns in relationships. Develop skills for managing stress, and reduce negative effects of stress.  Explore personal needs and expectations, and the role that decision-making plays in realizing those needs and expectations. Learn how to thoughtfully navigate decisions while in love. Discuss forgiveness, infidelity and knowing when to end an unhealthy relationship. Recognize challenges and opportunities inherent in step-parenting or blended families. Class taught by an authorized PREP instructor.  Call Rose Smith at 801-628-9919 for more information. See Davis High information above for registration details.
Ford Rm 1409 T
9/16 8 Weeks 6:30-8:30 PM $60
This class would be for those interested in learning the basics about creative writing and the writing process in general. This class is designed to help students build
confidence in their writing through learning about topics such as: Brainstorming/ outlining a story, character and world building, plot, setting, point of view, and
dialogue. We would also discuss the different genres and styles of writing such as fiction and poetry. There will be time provided to work on your own writing in
class as well as some workshops and group work. Please bring a notebook and something to write with. You may also bring a laptop if you prefer. If you have questions contact Laurie Ford at 801-725-1476 or See Davis High information above for registration details.
Banz Rm 1224 TH
9/18 8 Weeks 6:30-8:30 PM $60
Are you tired of using a pre-made template for your website? Would you like to go beyond Blogger and Wordpress? Come learn how to create your own website
using HTML5 and CSS3. By mastering these technologies, you can take full creative control over the look and feel of your website. You will also gain a deeper
understanding of how the web works. This course will also cover Bootstrap “the most popular HTML, CSS, and JS framework for developing responsive, mobile first projects on the web.” For more information, email Matt at See Davis High information above for registration details.
Christensen Rm 2306 TH
9/18 2 Weeks 7-8:30 PM $15
Are your family and loved ones protected in the event that something happens to you? In this class you will learn about the most common tools used in estate planning: Wills and Trusts. You will learn the pros and cons of both and be given examples of specific provisions used. You will also learn how you can protect your
assets from the complexities of the probate process and how to keep it updated with the ever changing laws. We know you love your family. Make sure they are taken care of. Anders B Christensen is an experienced and licensed attorney in Layton. For more information please email or call 801-923-2228.
See Davis High information above for registration details.
Hunt Rm 1806 T
9/16 6 Weeks 6:30-8:30 PM $60
Do you wish you had a magic wand, a fairy god-mother or a good friend who loves to sew to fix your prom dress problems beautifully? Come have fun finding quick and creative fixes for your special occasion dress needs. Basic to intermediate sewing skills are required, depending on what needs to be done. Bring a well working machine that you know how to use, the manual that goes with it and sew-ing supplies to each class. Space is limited to 12 people. Email Martha at for more specific information and to describe your alteration needs. See Davis High information above for registration details.
Wesemann Dance Studio W
9/17 8 Weeks 7-8 PM $60
Establish the basics of yoga, breath work and movement in a slower paced class while releasing stress and becoming more open in body and mind. See Davis High
information above for registration details.
Bouck Rm 2310 TH
9/18 8 Weeks 6:30-7:45 PM $60
Everyone knows that exercise is good for your health and helps you maintain a healthy weight. We also know that exercise is good for our psychological and emotional health. Does that mean we do it? Not always. In this course, you will learn how exercise works for your mood. You will also learn why exercise programs fail, the truth about motivation, how to direct your thoughts for exercise success, how to plan your exercise routine, how to enjoy yourself during exercise, and how to prevent injury and reward yourself for exercise so that you can enjoy an active and fit life. We will be doing didactic learning as well as some movement in class, so wear your comfy clothes. For more information call Michael at 801-309-8837. See Davis High information above for registration details
REGISTRATION: Registration will take place in the Counseling Center from 5:30-6:30 PM. Fees are to be paid at the registration. Checks payable to Davis High School or exact change please. Call David King at 801-544-9553 (home) or 801-402-8832 (work) for information or email him at: Registration dates and class times are subject to some change during the year. Call for any updates. All classes are $20 each. Classes meet one hour each week for four weeks.
DATES: Schedules may change. Please call for current dates. (There are no classes Oct. 13, Nov. 24 or March 30.)
Session Registration Dates Classes Start Week of
1 Sept. 9 Sept. 16
2 Oct. 7 Oct. 21
3 Nov. 11 Nov. 18
4 Jan. 6 Jan. 13
5 Feb. 3 Feb. 10
6 March 3 March 10
7 April 7 April 14
4-5 PM Citizenship in the Nation Rm 2205
5-6 PM Citizenship in the Community Rm 2205
4-5 PM First Aid (Prereq: All First Aid requirements thru First Class completed) Rm 2205
4-5 PM Emergency Preparedness (Prereq: First Aid merit badge completed) Rm 2007
5-6 PM Communications Rm 2205
4-5 PM Citizenship in the World Rm 2205