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South Weber Elementary

LEARNING FIRST ! Sailing to Success


  • South Weber Elementary School
  • 1285 E Lester Street, South Weber, UT  84405
  •  801-525-7060 or 801-402-3750      
  •  K-2 801-525-7066 or 801-402-3770
Marilyn Hales, Principal ~ Chris Mudrow, Assistant Principal
Heidi Woolsey, Head Secretary ~ Anena Roberts, K-2 Secretary

ATTENDANCE LINE (to report student absences)
Fax 801-402-3751
8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

Welcome to South Weber Elementary and South Weber K-2 Center.  Both buildings are located in the beautiful community of South Weber.  South Weber is the northern-most city in Davis County, and our elementary schools are in the Davis School District.  We have a combined total of 750 students, an excellent faculty, staff and wonderful supportive parents. The success of all students is our top priority.  South Weber Elementary opened its doors in 1976 and the K-2 Center was completed in 2010.  We have a long-standing tradition of providing excellent academic preparation for our students along with maintaining a "community" feeling.  All students who attend our school come from the city boundaries of South Weber.