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Comments on Proposed Policy Changes

The Davis School District Board of Education is currently reviewing updates to the following policies.  The Board and its administration encourage comments from patrons, parents, students, and employees.  Thank you for taking the time to review and comment on these proposed changes. 

2HR-402 District Travel Policy for Employees, Officials, or Agents
The proposed change would allow employees, officials, or agents that travel outside of Davis, Weber, and Salt Lake Counties to request a hotel stay for multiple day conferences. Propose removing requirement to get a quote for airfare through the State Travel Office.  No longer provides any additional benefit.  Made stylistic changes.
4I-005 Assessments of Student Achievement
Mandatory language changes from Legislative Senate Bill 204. 
  • Parent may excuse a student from participation in a state mandated assessment.  
  • USOE will provide a form which Districts and parents must use. 
  • No negative consequence for not taking a state assessment.
  • Assessments other than the state mandated assessments have consequence assigned by classroom teacher.

Propose taking the detail of administration of assessments out of policy and incorporate into the District Plan.  Law requires a comprehensive District plan, which is created by the Assessment Department.  A copy of the draft is provided below.

Discretionary language from House Bill 45.  Prohibits, with certain exceptions, school board from expelling a board member.

Mandatory language changes from House Bill 81 and Senate Bill 58.
  • Requires school board meetings be held within geographic boundaries of district with certain exceptions. 
  • School board required to allow participation in open meetings by mayor and county executives; and
  • School board may invite mayor and county executives to certain closed meetings regarding property acquisition.
If you would like your comments to be reviewed by the Board of Education include your name, address, and telephone number along with your title (patron, parent, student, employee w/position).  We ask for your candid views on the interpretation of the language, the policy goals, and the means to achieve them.  The final draft presented for adoption will reflect modifications as determined by the Board.
Thank you for taking the time to submit your comments.
E-mail comments to
Mail comments to Davis School District, Pamela Stavros, P.O. Box 588,
Farmington, Utah  84025
Phone (801) 402-5109
Last Modified on August 18, 2015