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Foxboro Elementary

LEARNING FIRST ! We Can Do Hard Things

    ZENO Sight Words are the 107 most common words your child will see in written text. Learning to read these words quickly and  automatically will increase reading fluency.  

Mastery of the ZENO words will be part of the reading grade.  
      Term 1 -  Pass off words   1 - 50
Term 2 -  Pass off words  51 - 75
      Term 3-  Pass off words   76-107
    Term 4 -  Pass off all 107 words in less than 2 minutes (with NO errors).

 Please print the ZENO word list and practice the words each night.                   
                                                                   107 ZENO Sight Words
          *These words should be read as whole words-NOT 'sounded out'.